Would You Rather…

Would You Rather…

So, Steve would rather clean his TOILET than clean MY CAR? Well…I guess I can’t blame him. I’ve been the only one IN my car for about 2 months now.  It turns out that GUESTS were my main reason to ever muck the thing out. (Okay…ONLY reason, tbh.) He also flat-out REFUSED to stick his hand in a paper bag that I had filled with my “findings” from under the seats, on the dash, in the cracks and “black holes,” etc. HA! His loss…There happened to be MONEY in there! (Along with the petrified banana peel, flip flops, and half of a grilled cheese sandwich.) And two bbq sauce-encrusted quarters and a sticky nickel spend the same as anyone else’s spankin’ clean 55 cents. HA. Maybe NEXT time you’ll gamble…LOSER! 😉 

PS- APPARENTLY having a messy car is also a MAJOR turn-off. Sooo…If he or she ever “singles you up,” maybe it’s time to change your wicked-slob ways. (I’m over trying to impress. Keeping MY wicked-slob-ways intact.)

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This Week's Top 10

1Does To MeLuke Combs Feat. Eric Church
2After A FewTravis Denning
3Chasin’ YouMorgan Wallen
4I Hope You’re Happy NowCarly Pearce Feat. Lee Brice
5Here And NowKenny Chesney
6In BetweenScotty McCreery
7Hard To ForgetSam Hunt
8BluebirdMiranda Lambert
9Drinking AloneMiranda Lambert
10One Big Country SongLoCash